Limited Express Revaty

Limited Express Revaty

The “Limited Express Revaty” is a nickname of the limited express 500 series train that operates seamlessly through Tobu Railway’s extensive network through separating and linking cars and serving customers with different destinations. Free wi-fi connection is available onboard, with power outlets equipped on each seat. Seat tables make laptop and smartphone use easier.

Onboard facilities

  • Seats

    SeatsAll seats are large swivel recliner type. You can turn a pair of seats backward to face the seats behind. “Edo-murasaki,” a traditional color in the Edo period, is the color of theme of the seats, with traditional Edo “inden” craft patterns designed on the sleeves.

  • Wi-Fi, power outlets, accessibility features

    Wi-Fi, power outlets, accessibility featuresWi-fi connection is available in the train, with power outlets equipped on each seat. Cars also have AED and medical support equipment, as well as seats available for customers using wheelchairs.

  • Wheelchair-accessible and ostomy toilet

    Wheelchair-accessible and ostomy toiletA wheelchair-accessible and ostomy toilet is available in Car No. 2.

  • Environmentally conscious designEquipped with the high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), the train reduced overall environmental impact by also using aluminum to reduce weight and installing LED headlights and interior lighting to reduce power consumption.

  • Food servicesTrain staff will go around the train and offer beverages and snacks for sale between Asakusa and Tobu-nikko stations.
    *Food services are not available on some trains.

Stations stopped by Limited Express Revaty

  • Revaty Kegon, Revaty Kinu, Revaty Aizu

    Revaty Kegon, Revaty Kinu, Revaty Aizu

  • Revaty Kegon, Revaty Ryomo

    Revaty Kegon, Revaty Ryomo

  • SKYTREE Liner

    SKYTREE Liner

  • UBRAN PARK Liner

    UBRAN PARK Liner

Important notes

  • All seats are reserved.
  • All seats are non-smoking.
  • Purchase limited express tickets before boarding.
  • A train staff may ask to see your ticket if you sit in a seat that is not printed on your ticket.