For a limited time only! The Nikko Discount Ticket is now available!

  • Nikko / Kinugawa Onsen / Aizu

The Nikko Discount Ticket became available from March 8 for those who have non-Japanese passports and live in Japan, allowing them to reasonably visit the Nikko and Kinugawa Onsen area from Asakusa. We decided to sell this ticket to console those who have not been able to return to home countries since last year due to the COVID-19, so that they will be able to have some fun. For details about this ticket,
Please share this information with your family and friends living in Japan!

*Some areas in Japan are still under the declaration of a state of emergency. Please refrain from traveling to and from such areas for a while. We look forward to welcoming you after the situation settles down. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. For the latest situation regarding the state of emergency in each prefecture, please check each prefecture’s website.