Here are licensed guide-interpreters with the skills and expertise to introduce the full charm of the Nikko area to foreign tourists.
Please look through the licensed guide profiles and contact them by e-mail.
Enjoy the full charm of the Nikko International Eco Resort, which blends history, culture, tradition, and nature.

  • Mr.
    Eiji Maruta
  • Ms.
    Emiko Murayama
  • Ms.
    Hitomi Kadoyama
  • Ms.
    Kaori Watanabe
    渡边 香里
  • Ms.
    Mutsumi Honma
  • Ms.
    Nobuko Uzuka
  • Ms.
    Sachiko Kikuchi
  • Mr.
    Takashi Ugai
  • Ms.
    Yumi Aoyama
  • 山西 直美
  • The guide fee above includes all taxes.
  • Miscellaneous expenses such as transportation fees for the guide on the day, entrance and admission fees to facilities, meal allowances, and extension fees due to heavy traffic, etc. are not included in the guide fee.
  • 上述导游费用全部都是含税价。
  • 当天产生的导游的交通费、设施入场费、参拜费、餐饮费、以及因交通堵塞等导致服务时间延长而产生的延时费等各种开支不包含在导游费用当中。


We introduce model courses in the Nikko area and estimated times.This is a guideline when determining the guide's fee.

  • 1. Course to fully enjoy the World Heritage sites [temples and shrines in Nikko]

    5 hours

    Tour details

    Depart from Tobu Nikko Station⇒Shinkyo Bridge⇒Rinnoji Temple⇒Nikko Toshogu Shrine⇒Futarasan Shrine⇒Rinnoji Temple & Taiyuin⇒Tobu Nikko Station

  • 2. Nikko photogenic course

    4.5 hours

    Tour details

    Tobu Nikko Station⇒Shinkyo Bridge⇒Nikko Toshogu Shrine⇒Tamozawa Imperial Villa⇒Nikko Kanaya Hotel⇒Tobu Nikko Station

  • 3. An Enjoyable Tour of Okunikko

    5 hours

    Tour details

    Tobu Nikko Station⇒Akechidaira Ropeway⇒Kegon Falls⇒Chuzenji Lake⇒British Embassy Villa Memorial Park⇒Tobu Nikko Station

  • The above times are an estimate of the duration of the tour during normal hours. The duration of the tour can vary considerably depending on the period.
  • In addition to the sample tours above, a customized tour can also be provided.


Please fill in each item and send the application form to [Nikko Concierge] (
by e-mail to book your guide-interpreter.
A member of the Nikko Concierge staff will refer you to licensed interpreters who can satisfy your requirements.
Application format
  1. Date you want to book a guide-interpreter
  2. Requested sites
  3. Name of representative
  4. Nationality
  5. Number of people (number of adults (12 years old and above) / number of children (3-11 years old) / number of infants (0-2 years old)
  6. Gender (number of males / number of females)
  7. Contact e-mail address
  8. Contact telephone number
  9. Guide language
  10. Your preference for guide-interpreter (optional)
    (such as the name or gender of guide-interpreter)
    *Please understand in advance that we may not be able to meet your requirements.
  11. If you have any other requests, please enter information here.
  • Please apply to book a guide-interpreter at least 5 days in advance.
  • Please understand in advance that we may not be able to meet your preferences when booking a guide-interpreter during busy seasons.
  • Our introduction to licensed guide-interpreters will be completed when the licensed guide-interpreters contact you, and thereafter, it will be a contract between such licensed guide-interpreters and you, and we take no responsibility for such licensed guide-interpreters' activities.
  • We take no responsibility for any expenses incurred in the event of a change in the itinerary or cancellation of your trip due to natural disasters, wars, or riots.
  • For changes in your itinerary or cancellation of your trip due to natural disasters, wars, or riots, please consult with the guide with regard to cancellation fees.
  • Personal information provided by you will be used for contact purposes between you and Nikko Concierge / guide-interpreter(s), and within the scope necessary to provide use of our guide reservation service.