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This website is operated for the purpose of providing information mainly on the Tobu Group so that more customers can have a better understanding of the Tobu Group.
These terms of use will govern your use of each service offered by our website. By using our service, you are deemed to have accepted the contents of these terms of use.
As the contents of these terms of use may be added or modified as necessary, please refer to the latest terms of use on this page when using our website.

When using the TOBU RAILWAY CO.,LTD.’s Facebook fan page, please refer to the Facebook fan page terms of use.

Terms of Use

  • (1) Terms of Use These terms of use apply upon any and all use of service(s) (hereinafter referred to as “Service(s)”) on, the Internet website provided by TOBU RAILWAY CO.,LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Our Company”).
    The users using the above-mentioned Service(s) (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) are deemed to have accepted the contents of these terms of use.
  • (2) Scope of These Terms of Use The notices issued by Our Company, which are prescribed in Article 4, shall constitute a part of these terms of use.
    The respective terms of use for each Service that Our Company sets separately from the text of these terms of use and the rules on the use of each Service that are stipulated in “Usage Notes”, etc. at the beginning of each Service shall also constitute a part of these terms of use regardless of the nominal terms.
  • (3) Modification to These Terms of Use Our Company may modify these terms of use without prior notice.
    The modified terms of use shall become effective once they are published on the website, unless otherwise stipulated separately by Our Company.
  • (4) Modification/Cancellation of Service Offering Our Company may modify, add or discontinue the contents of Service(s), either in whole or in part, without giving prior notice to Users, for any reason whatsoever.
  • (5) Disclaimer Our Company makes no guaranty relating to the contents of Service(s), information obtained by Users via Service(s), etc., including without limitation to its perfection, accuracy, certainty, usability, etc.
    Our Company assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any damage incurred by Users and resulting from the use of Service(s) (including damages due to trouble arisen between the Users and others).
  • (6) Principle of Self-Responsibility In using Service(s), Users shall process and resolve at their own responsibility and expense any inquiry, compliant, etc. notified by others (whether domestic or overseas, the same shall apply hereafter).
    Users shall, when having any request, question or complaint about the act of others, directly notify such others thereof, and process and resolve at their own responsibility and expense the result thereof.
    In the case where Users have caused any damage to Our Company or others by using Service(s) (including the cases when others or Our Company has suffered damage due to Users’ default of obligation under these terms of use), Users shall be liable for the damage at their own responsibility and expense.
  • (7) Prohibition of Using Out of the Scope of Private Use Unless accepted by Our Company, Users may not use any data, information, document, statement, etc. obtained via Service(s) (hereinafter, collectively referred to as “Data, etc.”) for any copying, selling or publishing beyond the scope of private use that is permitted by the Copyright Law.
    Users may not allow any third party to conduct any act in violation of the preceding paragraph.
  • (8) Prohibitions of operating activities Users shall not operate the business activity using Service(s), use for the purpose of profit and the activity preparation (hereinafter referred to as "operating activities").
    Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, cases where our company is deemed to have approved, users shall be able to carry out the operating activities in range of approval.
  • (9) Other prohibitions Users shall not perform the following acts in the use of service:

    - Acts that infringe on intellectual property rights including trademark rights and copyrights of our company or others, or any acts that potentially might result in any infringements.

    - Acts that infringe a third person’s property, privacy, or publicity rights, or any acts that potentially might result in any infringements.

    - Acts that discriminate or slanderous defamation to others, or acts which injure the honor or confidence of others.

    - Acts that constitute criminal activities such as fraud, or any acts that potentially may lead to criminal activities.

    - Acts that transmit or display documents and images that are equivalent to obscenity, child pornography or child abuse.

    - Acts that establish and conduct solicitation pyramid scheme (endless money chain).

    - Acts that falsify and erase information of our company or others which is accessible through Service(s).

    - Acts that use Service(s) as spoofing /pretending to be someone else.

    - Acts that transmit a computer program that is harmful to the Company's servers or enable receivable status from others.

    - Acts that conduct pre-election campaigning, election campaign or similar to these actions and conflict with Public Offices Election Act.

    - Acts that uses unauthorized access to the equipment or service equipment of others (it indicates communication facility, electronic computers, and any other apparatus used in providing our service, and shall be defined in a similar way hereafter) or use or pose a problem on management (including any acts that potentially might result in any of hindrance).

    - Acts that collect personal information of others without their consent or by fraudulent means.

    - In addition to each preceding item, acts that violate laws, these terms of service, public orders and standards of decency(prostitution, violence, cruelty, etc.), acts that interfere with proper working, tarnish our company credibility or infringe on our property, or conduct that causes any disadvantage to our company or others.

    - Acts that link to the site with the data, etc. which encourages any activity specified in each item above (including the case where a third person takes such actions).
  • (10) Link to our website With regard to the link to our website, Users shall link to the home page <> and state clearly that this URL is a link to this website.
    Acts that show our website information inside the referrer’s site frame are prohibited in order to avoid any mislead and misunderstanding by users concerning the management main body or the information transmitting source.
  • (11) Delete data, etc. Should it create need to operate service and manage of maintenance, we may at any time remove and delete data, etc. that was registered in device for Service(s) by the Users, without prior notice to the Users.
  • (12) Privacy Protection Our company will handle the personal information of the Users in compliance with the “TOBU RAILWAY Privacy Policy” set forth separately. However, with respect to the service that is provided by other companies other than our company, the approach shall be based on their “Privacy Protection”.
    TOBU RAILWAY Privacy Policy
  • (13) Legal Preparations Unless otherwise noted, the use of this website service, published information, interpretation and application of these Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by Japanese laws. All disputes with regard to the use of this site shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance. Matters to be stated in herewith shall be entered into force and will become effective at 9:00 (Japanese standard time) on July 22, 2002.
  • The end